Are Sugarless Foods Really Safe For Your Teeth?

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There have been loads of arguments about whether or not sugarless foods are harmless for your teeth. Some people say that items without sugar, cannot cause tooth decay. Thus, these are safe for your teeth. Some people even mention that they are told to chew sugarless gum if they cannot brush their teeth instantly after food to help saliva production and to wash away the food residue in their mouth.

Sugar-free items need not necessarily be safe for your teeth. Some studies state that there are items with acidic flavorings in them. Accordingly, though being sugarless, these foods can erode the enamel of your teeth. Studies also state that sugar-free food does not lead to cavities, particularly when these have xylitol in them, which is said to have cavity-fighting properties.

Sugarless Foods Cannot Damage Your Teeth: Myth

You can reliably say those sugarless foods cannot lead to cavities, but nowhere does it mention that they cannot harm your teeth. Some studies say people who are sugarless do not necessarily mean healthy, either for their body or their teeth. To put it in simple words, sugar-free may create false security. There seems to be no significant proof to validate whether or not such substances can harm your teeth. This is exactly where people get confused. Are they safe or are they not?

When you buy “sugarless” items, it is suggested to read the labels to catch on to what you are ingesting. Some food choices are sugar-free. These are actually safe for both your body and your teeth. Some of the sugar alternatives that are considered safe for teeth, and for your general health, consist of sucralose, and neotame.

Is Sugar-Free Candy Better for Your Teeth: Dentist Burbank

Sugar-free candy, to put in simple words, may at times lead to Dental Erosion and Tooth Sensitivity. So next time you jump think twice before reaching for candy with a sugar-free label at the store!

How Sugar-Free Drinks Hurt Your Teeth?

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Studies carried out by dentists on sugar-free beverages, sugar-free confectionery, and sports drinks established that many of the so-called sugar-free products contain multiple acids and had low pH values. Basically, many people think that having diet soda instead of a regular one will keep their teeth healthy. Regrettably, though they habitually contain no sugar, diet sodas generally lead to the same amount of dental erosion as regular sodas and can damage your teeth.

Furthermore, while the sugar in regular soda and other sweet drinks forms damaging acid in your mouth, diet or sugar-free beverages contain phosphoric acid. The same is found in regular, sugary soda. Citric acid and tartaric acid are just some of the supplementary ingredients in diet drinks and fruit juices that can harm teeth. As you sip, ongoing acid fades tooth enamel, leading to deterioration over time.

A Healthy Diet Can Help Maintain Teeth

The most recommended way to preserve healthy teeth is to just have a healthy diet. In reality, some studies have found that native tribes who were eating their old-style diet had nearly perfect teeth and no tooth deterioration, in spite of not having toothbrushes, no floss, or no toothpaste.
Just because you are eating something that is sugar-free doesn’t essentially mean it’s safe for teeth,

Burbank Safe Foods

Staying away from foods and drinks that have high acidity levels besides avoiding sugary foods and drinks can only ensure the best overall dental hygiene. Well, practicing regular dental care is a must though. Looking for ways to maintain a healthy tooth? Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment today with Dr. Sahakyan at MyDentistBurbank. Call us at 8185782332!

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