How to Stop Grinding My Teeth?

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Dental disorders are not alien to us. Probably we all face some sort of orthodontic problems, minor or severe. Moreover, there can be so many reasons that cause dental problems. Most importantly, not taking care of our teeth and gums is possibly the first and the main reason for any dental issues that we may go through. Besides, bad food habits, alcohol consumption, eating excessive sweets, smoking, and not cleaning our teeth properly are a few of the reasons that damage our oral health. Now, for any dental treatment, you can connect with us at Smile Makeover of L.A.
Among so many reasons, ‘Teeth Grinding’ is one such thing that can cause serious teeth problems if we ignore it. It is a human habit that we develop mainly out of stress and concerns. The concerning fact is, that we are not being able to realize if we have this grinding habit. We come to know about it only if someone presents very close to us conveys to us about this habit.

What Is ‘Teeth Grinding’?

When we rub both layers of our teeth with each other horizontally, that habit is called teeth grinding. We do it incautiously. Mostly, in sleep we do it, or we grind when we are in a very deep thought we grind our teeth. There are a few reasons that make us grind our teeth.

Reasons for Teeth Grinding

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  • Stress: We often grind our teeth out of stress and tension. It is a very common human behavior. In addition to that, we start grinding when we get angry and aggressive for any reason. In this case, we grind our teeth to show certain gestures.
  • Sleeping habits: If we feel sleepy in the daytime and snore while sleeping we may develop teeth-grinding habits.
  • Ignoring existing teeth infections: Ignoring pre-existing teeth infections can force us to grind our teeth out of unpleasant sensations.
  • Habit is there in the gene: If someone in the family has bruxism, then a high chance is there we also may develop such habits.
  • Misaligned teeth: If there is a gap between our teeth, and teeth are not properly aligned, we start grinding our teeth to make us feel comfortable while chewing something or having our food.

Grinding is an unusual habit and, if ignored can cause serious harm to our teeth. Rubbing our teeth gradually weakens the teeth layers, causes teeth decomposition and we may lose our teeth. Moreover, missing teeth attract bacteria and cause infection. To avoid complications, we must consult a dentist for regular checkups. Feel free to visit our website to gather more information. Additionally, we must follow certain things to stop bruxism.

How to Stop Grinding My Teeth:

  1. Practice meditation and yoga to get relief from stress and anxiety. Consult a doctor or an expert who can help you get rid of tensions.
  2. Avoid chewing hard toffees like candies or any food items that you need to chew. That can deteriorate your dental condition.
  3. Start using mouth guards to protect your teeth erosion from grinding.
  4. Practice some oral exercises that help you to get rid of any dental pain that you may have.
  5. Give some massage to your jaw and clean your mouth with warm water mixed with salt. Salted warm water can reduce your pain and at the same time can kill germs in your mouth.

It’s always better to consult a dentist to resolve such issues. For Burbank teeth grinding treatment contact Dr. Sahakyan for the best solutions for your dental conditions.
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