Shooting Pain in a Tooth?

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These days we tend to Google any problem we face. Well, if you’re Googling, “Shooting pain in a tooth,” then it’s obvious that you’re looking for immediate relief. But, if you are unaware of the cause of the pain, then it might be hard to get the relief you need. Accordingly, visiting a qualified restorative dentist is your best way out against dental pain.

At MyDentistBurbank, Dr. Sahakyan and his talented team are here to help you analyze throbbing toothaches and get lasting relief. Don’t live with the pain any longer. Book an appointment with our dental team today. Patients can request an appointment by calling our clinic at 8185782332.
In the meantime, let us discuss four things that might cause shooting pain in your tooth. Being aware of the cause of the pain is the primary step in reclaiming your oral health and getting much-needed relief.

Reasons for Shooting Pain in the Tooth: Dentist Burbank

  • Tooth Sensitivity

If you feel a shooting pain in your teeth after ingesting hot or cold foods and beverages or while chewing this could point to thinning tooth enamel. When tooth enamel starts wearing away, the sensitive dentin underneath gets unprotected. Most importantly, when dentin comes in contact with extreme temperatures or pressure, the consequences can be unbearable.

Dr. Sahakyan can help you locate tooth sensitivity with dental bonding. This minimally-invasive procedure supports feeble enamel, which restricts sensitivity and improves oral function.

  • Dental Damage

dental problems

Broken, or fractured teeth can result in shooting pain. Nevertheless, dental harm may not be ostensible instantly. Frequently, patients have a cracked tooth and remain unaware until the tooth gets infected.

If you observe dental harm, then don’t delay. Contact your nearby dentist immediately. Treating injury early could avert dental contaminations, which may eradicate the need for more invasive procedures.

An experienced dentist can defend injured teeth with dental crowns. These unique prosthetics totally cover compromised teeth, which successfully brings back teeth function and avoids further damage.

  • Bruxism

Bruxism too called teeth grinding, put in simple words, is a sleep condition in which patients innately grind and clench their teeth while they rest. Bruxism affects approximately 10% of the total population. Besides, it can have upsetting effects on our oral health. The constant pressure and friction can harm teeth over time, causing sensitivity, shooting pain, and dysfunction.

A custom-made oral device often called a night protector helps cushion teeth while patients sleep. Consequently, patients can stop dental damage and cut oral pain.

  • Dental Abscess

When a dented tooth gets infected, it can create a dental abscess. Naturally, abscesses present as red, aching, and swollen bumps on the gums. These contaminations can lead to dangerous dental pain and even spread to the bloodstream, which can cause life-threatening sepsis.
Then, patients should treat a dental abscess as fast as possible. Dr. Sahakyan can treat the contagion with antibiotics and help you patch up your tooth and oral health with curative treatments.

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Looking for ways how to soothe shooting pain in a tooth? Stop Googling. Schedule your appointment at MyDentistBurbank right away. Our team will thankfully help you get to the bottom of the pain so that you can keep smiling contentedly.

We are a Burbank-based dental clinic that treats patients of all ages. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality dental care. We use advanced dental equipment.

We also perform emergency dentist services, so if you have shooting pain in your tooth reach us! By combining quality patient care with advanced technology, we are able to treat patients of all ages in a relaxing setting.

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