How Can I Fix a Gummy Smile?

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A smile that displays more of the gum line is a gummy smile. This makes the person aware while smiling. If you have a gummy smile, you might be dissatisfied with the way your smile looks. So, the possible questions that pop up in your mind are; what is a gummy smile? How to correct a gummy smile?

This write-up purposes to explain the reasons for gummy smiles and the treatment options to fix them.

What Is a Gummy Smile?

An unnecessary display of gum while laughing is referred to as a gummy smile. A usual smile can show one-third of the teeth to entire teeth, with a bit of gum noticeable. A gum exhibition of more than 4 mm is generally considered a gummy smile. Every so often there might be even 10 mm of gum shown while smiling. So, this can result in a dent in self-confidence and may even lead to certain gum-related issues.

Reasons for a Gummy Smile: Dentist Burbank

  • Short Upper Lip
  • Improper Tooth Eruption
  • Genetic Factors

Ways to Fix a Gummy Smile


  • Orthodontic Treatment

Dislocated teeth can be pushed back to their original site by employing orthodontic treatment. Habitually, it is used with jaw surgery to fix the teeth in location ahead of and post-surgery.

  • Oral Prophylaxis

Simple teeth washing would be effective in dwindling the gums if they had enflamed because of the occurrence of tartar. So, deep cleaning underneath the gums can be added in stages if the tenderness related is very high. Most importantly, oral sanitation methods must be followed consistently.

  • Lip Surgery

Expansion of the upper lip by a surgical method can hide a significant portion of the gums that are shown during the smile. Often, it is done by a plastic surgeon and an oral surgeon jointly.

  • Gum Lift Surgery

Unnecessary gum development can be removed by means of gum lift surgery. It subsequently restores the gums to their original position. Gum surgery is performed to make the gums appear shorter. The gums, in the process, are reshaped as per the requirement, and the repossession can be within a week.

  • Jaw Surgery

Overgrowth of the upper jaw can only be corrected through corrective surgery. The upright height of the upper jaw has to be lessened in the process leading to upward dislocation of the entire jaw. This surgical procedure is exceedingly effective. If suitable vertical displacement is not reached using jaw surgery, it can subsequently, be combined with gum lift surgery to chuck out the gummy smile.

  • Muscle Relaxant Injections for Overactive Lips

The dentist may choose to inject anti-wrinkle injections like Botulinum toxin (Botox) in and around the upper lip zone to make it less flabby. This is a provisional treatment. So, this might need to be repeated every few months.

  • Crowns or Veneers


Short teeth can be compensated by engaging crowns or veneers on the upper front teeth. These are longer and thus reinstate the normal height of the teeth. When orthodontic treatment is not possible; this type of treatment is done.
With the advent of so many gummy smile-fixing options, there is no need to carry the hesitation of a gummy smile all through your life.

However, there are quite a few numbers of ways to fix the gummy smile problem. You can choose from the surgical or nonsurgical options available. Speak to your dentist to understand the underlying issue for your gummy smile.

Burbank Gummy Smile

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