What to Do When Your Child’s Baby Tooth Gets Knocked Out?

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Babies are highly unpredictable. They keep running around, jumping, and eventually end up inviting all sorts of troubles for themselves. One such trouble is a dental injury in Burbank, especially to the baby’s (primary) teeth. In light of all the antics they indulge in, it’s not unlikely that your baby might end up injuring or knocking out a tooth or two.
What’s important at this time is to maintain your cool because your baby would definitely be in pain and blood. They’d definitely look up to only you for reassurance. Besides that, creating panic could cloud your thinking and you may not be able to offer the required first aid. While it’s highly important without any delay to visit the Burbank Dentist, Dr. Sahakyan, here are some immediate things to do before seeing the dentist.

Quick Things to Do in Case of Baby Knocked-Out Tooth

dental problems

The moment you notice that your baby’s tooth is bleeding, it’s time to visit a dentist right away. My Dentist Burbank specializes in child dental care facilities at their clinic in the Burbank region. Our pediatric dentist would be able to exactly tell you whether your baby’s tooth is injured, shaken up, chipped, or knocked-out/broken.
However, until you get there in time, it’s extremely important to stop the bleeding and pacify your baby. Therefore, you may try these simple remedies right away –

  • First of all, stay calm and keep assuring your baby that you can help.
  • Wash the bleeding area immediately with cold drinking water or apply ice over it. This will also help reduce swelling and pain. Do not use tap water on the tooth because it has chlorine content which may injure the tooth. You may use milk to rinse the tooth instead because milk is similar to the chemical makeup of baby teeth.
  • To further control bleeding, take a small piece of soft gauze, fold it and place it on the bleeding site. If the child is slightly grown-up, ask them to bite down on the gauze. Applying pressure is the only way to stop bleeding. However, if the baby is too small, you would have to keep holding the gauze in place inside the mouth.
  • If the tooth is broken, hold it from the top and plug the sink to prevent it from going down the drain. If the tooth is shaking, make sure that your baby doesn’t swallow it mistakenly. For this, you’d need to hurry to the dentist’s office in Burbank.

What Happens at the Burbank Dentist Office?

As mentioned earlier, our pediatric dentist would first examine your baby to assess the exact situation. Then the dentist would advise accordingly on the next follow-up procedure, depending on the condition of the teeth. Again, try and stay calm at the dental clinic too because your baby wouldn’t be. It’s only natural for them to be fearful at the dentist’s office. However, our dental team has good knowledge of dealing with kids of all ages.
Our dental team would offer all the required assistance to calm the baby and take the necessary measures to stop bleeding. The dentist might also prescribe safe medication to bring down inflammation or to relieve the baby of pain. Make sure you clarify all your doubts/queries at the office regarding the tooth. Most importantly, don’t forget to ask about any preventive measures to be taken in the future.

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