5 Cavity Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore


In case, you miss brushing and flossing your teeth carefully, food elements and bacteria can form against your teeth. Plaque, a gluey material that adheres to your teeth, can form as a result. The bacteria in plaque will start producing acid.
These acids can wear away your teeth’s shielding tooth enamel. Once you’ve lost your enamel, it can’t grow back. Without protecting enamel, your teeth can become weak.

A plaque will endure eating away at your teeth, leading cavities to form.

Cavities: What Is It?

Cavities are holes that, in due course of time, can wipe off a tooth. Untreated, cavities can also cause problems like contamination or tooth abscesses. These complications could turn out to be life-threatening if you disregard to search for treatment.

Cavities, to put in simple words, can make your mouth feel like a wreck. At times, you may experience no indications, and your cavity may fly under the radar. Cavities are spoiled areas of your enamel. The impairment is generally an effect of plaque, a bacterial film that thrives off the food and drinks that pass through your mouth.

Burbank Cavity Symptoms

  • Toothaches

dental problems

Ignored dental decay in permanent teeth is the most common global health problem. Many people treat a toothache lightly with the supposition that it will disappear in time. Regrettably, a continuing toothache is one of the most common indications of a cavity. You might experience your toothache coming back unexpectedly or else, you might feel cavity pain after a snack or meal. Discomfort might get worse while chewing, as well.

  • Sensitivity to Acidic, Cold, Hot, and Sticky Items

Some people just have sensitive teeth, but this issue could also come down to cavities. When a cavity leads to the dentin of your teeth, deep canals known as microscopic tubules permit acidic, cold, hot, sticky, or sweet foods to kindle the nerves and cells inside your teeth.
If you feel unusual sensitivity in your teeth; you should definitely see a dentist. Sensitivity, might at times, mean your cavity is more advanced and necessitates immediate care.

  • Sensitivity to Sweets

You might feel uncomfortable when consuming foods that are high in sugar. If you experience persistent sensitivity after taking something sugary, visit your dentist. It’s possible you’ve developed tooth decay.
The uneasiness that happens when consuming sweets is because of damage to the tooth enamel. If these cavity indicators sound familiar, book an appointment with your dentist right away.

  • A Hole

Watch your smile in the mirror. You may run your tongue over your teeth. You might at times, notice a small white spot on a tooth first. This white spot is one of the initial cavity indicators you might notice. In due course of time, the spot can get worse until you notice a hole in a tooth. A hole or pit is a serious sign of tooth decay.

  • Teeth Getting Discolored

Your teeth can lose color from certain foods and drinks and even from smoking. Consider that staining could also be a symbol of cavities. If you notice a stained spot on your teeth, your tooth may be rotting. If left untreated, a cavity can cause so much damage to a tooth that it may need to be taken out.

Dentist Burbank

Consult your dentist when it comes to the potential symptoms of a cavity. At MyDentistBurbank we guide you with the best cavity treatment. Call us today at 8185782332 to book an appointment with Dr. Sahakyan, your Dentist in Burbank. Booking an appointment is the best way to sort out your issues.

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